Brands We Repair

We have experience repairing every major brand currently on the market. We didn’t become the top repair service in New Britain by simply sitting around! Here’s some more information about the brands that we’ve serviced:



This massive corporation is based in Boston and has several areas of specialty, from finance to healthcare. Their appliance brand is one of the best in the world.

They create everything from dryers to heating systems. They aim to revolutionize the world of appliances, from coffee brewing refrigerators to self-cleaning ovens. They have spent over a century and a half in this business, creating and innovating.



Based in Seoul, Korea, this brand is known worldwide for various things, specifically its electronics. They create a wide array of top-notch, high-quality appliances. Their appliances range from cell phones to vacuum cleaners, ovens to washing machines.



Based in the UK, this multinational brand is known for creating products that better your home and lifestyle. Having copyrighted over 900 items, they are making an impact worldwide. They are committed to quality, as well as a pleasing aesthetic.



Similarly to Bosch, LG aims to make your lifestyle easier. From getting the laundry done in record time to keeping your living space spick and span, LG creates appliances that improve your life. They sell a range of washers, dryers and air conditioners.



A specific quality of Maytag is that they provide ten-year warranties on their products. They also have partnerships with many reliable repair services (us included!) They produce a wide array of appliances including kitchen appliances, washers, dryers, etc.



This brand has been developing high-quality products for over one hundred years. Performance and efficiency are the main features of these appliances. They produce almost every household appliance out there.



This brand is a branch of the Middleby Corporation, the largest producer of kitchen appliances. They set themselves apart because, once only exclusive to restaurants, they are now introducing their appliances into your home. They create ovens, ventilation systems, ice machines, and many more appliances.



Their appliances are the result of performance and style coming together to create something beautiful. They offer many types of refrigerators (French door and compact) and stoves (gas, induction and electric).


No matter the brand you choose, they will need servicing at some point. When they decide to cause you grief, then you need Luke’s Appliance Repair in your corner to get them back in shape. To get started today, contact us.