Freezer Repair

When your freezer breaks down, it can cost you hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars’ worth of food. You may also have to deal with an inconvenient mess. Give Luke’s Appliance Repair a call to get your freezer back in working order. We are the quickest appliance repair service in New Britain, and we pride ourselves on our exemplary emergency services.


Why is my freezer malfunctioning?

It could be anything from the defrost drainage hose that needs cleaning to the evaporator fan needing to be replaced. The compressor, relay or thermostat may also be causing your freezer to act out.

It is important that you not attempt these repairs on your own. Freezer repairs involve proximity to electricity, which puts you and your household in danger. You also run the risk of further damaging the appliance, which will then cost you unnecessarily. This is why a professional repair service is the proper way to go. The repairs will be cost-efficient and save you any inconveniences.


Common Issues that Freezers Experience


Noises that are out of the ordinary

Clicking noises are not normal sounds for your freezer to be making. The starting relay may be responsible for the sounds, especially if it is worn out or not receiving adequate power. If that is the case, it needs replacing. You may also need to replace the evaporator fan motor.


Won’t Turn or Turns on Warm

The power supply is essential to keeping your freezer running. Replace any blown fuses and deal with any tripped breakers. If the freezer temperature is lower than usual, you may want to check the vents for any blockages. Also, check to see if the evaporator fan is running properly. We can help you solve all of the above issues.



If there is water pooling inside or outside the freezer, you may want to get the water inlet valve serviced. The drain tube may also need clearing.

Is a replacement necessary?

Freezers can live relatively long lives. However, if your freezer is nearing its seventeenth birthday, constant repairs will only cost you more money than it’s worth. We can help you figure out the logistics of buying a new freezer, as well as installing it.

Get in touch with us today and we will have your freezer up and running again in no time.