Ice Maker Repair

Having an ice maker is so much more convenient than storing a large bag of ice or having to make it manually in an ice tray. It is even more convenient if the ice machine is already built into your refrigerator. So, if your machine breaks down, don’t despair. You will rarely have to purchase a new machine.

At Luke’s Appliance Repair, we pride ourselves on having a team of highly trained and certified professionals that will carry out any necessary repairs on your appliances.


Ice Makers that we Repair

Luke’s Appliance Repair has extensive experience with the following ice maker types:

  • Transportable ice machines
  • Freezer Ice Makers
  • Stand-Alone Ice Makers
  • Fitted Icemakers

Common Issues with Ice Makers


Many things could impair your ice maker’s ability to function. These are some of the most common problems:


No Ice Production

This can be traced back to an issue with the water supply. If there are any clogs or damages to the water lines, then you may experience smaller ice cubes or no ice cubes at all.

You may also experience water flow issues if the filter is blocked or compromised. You need to be changing the filter, ideally, every six months. Our highly experienced technicians can pinpoint the issue and offer you a long-term solution.


Freezing in the Ice Maker

If the water freezes before it reaches the mold, then you will end up with either a block of ice or no ice cubes at all. The thermostat is usually to blame in cases like this. If the temperature is too low, then freezing can also occur. You should consult the owner’s manual to find the recommended temperature setting for your machine. If the temperature isn’t the issue, then consult a professional.


Stuck Ice Cubes

To rectify this problem, check the owner’s manual to determine what the correct mode is for your ice machine. If your machine has an adjustable arm, move it around to control the ice production. Usually, if the arm is raised, ice production pauses. This issue is more common than you think. If you can’t pinpoint the problem on your own, then give us a call and we will come take a look.


Call Luke’s Appliance Repair of New Britain, CT

If you are having issues with your ice machine, call us today! Providing you with fast and reliable service is our top priority. We will make sure that we offer you a long-term solution for your ice machine at an affordable rate. We are familiar with and regularly service all of the major brands, including Kenmore, Frigidaire and KitchenAid. Our customer service representatives are standing by to help you set up an initial consultation.