Oven Repair

So, it’s Friday night and, after a long week, you’re looking forward to baking some cookies. You turn on the oven and, after a few minutes of waiting, you realize that it isn’t heating up. To top it all off, the door is not closing properly.

As frustrating as this is, you do not need to panic. If you live in the New Britain area, call Luke’s Appliance Repair and we can come service your appliance right away.

Our team of certified technicians have all the tools and know-how to properly service your appliance the first time around. We also pride ourselves on our exemplary emergency repair services.


Why is this happening?

Many things can go wrong with an oven. The ignition may be breaking down or the door itself may need repairing. As tempting as DIY repair services are, we generally don’t recommend them. These sorts of repairs need specific knowledge and tools. Carrying out improper repairs can lead to a lot of wasted time and more expenses later on.

Safety is also a factor. Twenty percent of electrical deaths are directly linked to household appliances. Hiring a professional is imperative to keeping you and your family safe.


Common Problems we see with Ovens


The Oven Won’t Heat

In this case, check the pilot light (if you have a gas oven) and also check to see if any breakers have been tripped. If the power isn’t the issue, then the heating element needs to be serviced. This is not an easy repair, however. If the heating element is performing properly, but the grill is still not heating, then it’s the grill that needs replacing.

The safety or oven thermostat may also be defective. Oven repairs are either very simple or complex, with nothing in between. It’s best to get an expert opinion from a certified technician.


Door Not Closing

If the door doesn’t shut properly, then you may have to look at the hinges or the runner. These can either be re-aligned manually or they may need to be replaced. The door seal may also have worn out and that is preventing the door from closing.

If your oven has a self-clean feature, then it won’t start if it senses that the door isn’t shutting. Take a look at the self-cleaning latches to see if they need servicing.


Too Hot

The built-in sensors and thermostat ensure that your oven doesn’t overheat. If they are damaged, then you risk burning your food. Do not attempt to repair this yourself. Give Luke’s Appliance Repair a call and we can carry out these repairs.


Is A Replacement Necessary?

No matter the model or brand of oven that you own, they usually last about ten years. If you have an aging oven, then we strongly recommend replacing it. We will weigh the options and present you with the most economical one.

Whether you need a new appliance installed or repairs done on an old one, we can help you through any issues that arise. Get in touch with us and we can help you get started.