Refrigerator Repair

We rarely pause to appreciate how hard our refrigerator works to keep our food items and drinks cool. It can be pretty exasperating when your fridge, out of nowhere, stops performing as it should. If you live in the New Britain area and the surrounding area, then give Luke’s Appliance Repair a call. One of our seasoned professionals will be at your door to give your refrigerator a thorough once over. They will pinpoint the issue in no time. Our team has experience servicing the most common brands on the market, including Maytag, Bosch, Samsung, and many others.

If you need to keep food cool in the interim, use dry ice and keep the door closed to the best of your ability.


Why is my refrigerator malfunctioning?

This could be due to a long list of reasons. The defrost timer may need replacing, the coils may be clogged, or the door seals may be worn.

We discourage any form of DIY repairs. These repairs require specialized tools and, while you may have some knowledge about your household appliances, you risk further damaging them. This could lead to even more costly repairs.

Call Luke’s Appliance Repair of New Britain to efficiently carry out any necessary repairs.


Common Issues with your Refrigerator


Unusual Noises

Loud banging or knocking sounds are not normal and are usually due to a defective evaporator fan. If the sound occurs upon opening the refrigerator door, then the condenser may be the culpris. You should also check the blades to see if anything is caught in them or chafing against them. Evaporator fans can usually be replaced without any hassle but could lead to further damages if not addressed.


Wrong Temperature

Over time, debris can build up in the condenser coils and lead to the refrigerator being too warm. Cleaning the coils usually solves the issue. If this doesn’t solve anything, give us a call. The condenser fan motor or evaporator fan may need replacing or repairing, and these are best handled by professionals. The start relay, which powers the condenser, may also need replacing.



The filter tank or inlet valve may be compromised and leaking. The water tank is not repairable and needs replacing. The filter may also be badly installed and leaking, as a result. This is easily fixed by re-installing the filter.


When do I consider a replacement?

This all depends on the make, as well as how much maintenance it has received over the years. Refrigerators, however, can last up to seventeen years. Any older and you may want to look into replacing it. We can give you all the tools necessary to make that happen. Call us today to get started.