Washer / Dryer Repair

Here’s a fun fact: Out of all the household appliances, washers and dryers break down the most and are also the most serviced. This tends to happen because they have multiple moving parts that are in constant contact with water.

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Why is it Malfunctioning?


A laundry list (no pun intended!) of things can go wrong with washers and dryers. From the drive belt being worn to an inlet valve needing to be replaced, many of these issues overlap. This makes pinpointing the issue more difficult.

This is also why we don’t recommend that you attempt these repairs yourself. You may think that it will save you money and time but, more often than not, the opposite happens. Call a repair service to save you a headache down the line.


Common Problems and How to Repair Them


Loud noises

If the washing cycle is happening, but you’re hearing a lot of strange noises, then the motor, the pump or the shock absorbers may be malfunctioning. You may also need to clean the impeller or the motor.

The driver belt might also be worn and frayed. Your best bet would be to replace it and that will rectify the issue.



Faulty hoses are the main sources behind leaks. Any cracks or frays in the hose mean that the hose needs replacing and you shouldn’t attempt to repair it.

The leaks may also be coming from the pump.

If you notice that the water inlet valve is damaged, then you need to replace it. As an added measure, you should tighten the hose and clamps around it.


Dryer Not Heating

This is usually explained by the airflow being compromised. A maintenance measure you can do is to vacuum out the air ducts and get rid of any blockages. If that doesn’t change anything, then you may need to replace the thermal fuse. This piece of equipment controls the temperature in the machine.

Another piece of equipment that might need servicing is the heating element. If it is not properly conducting heat in the machine, then you need to replace it. You may also need to change the timer or the temperature switch.


Dryer Won’t Turn On

More often than not, the power supply has been compromised. This can be due to a failing power outlet or frayed wiring. A fuse may also have blown, which cuts off the power supply.

If you suspect that the terminal block is the problem, give us a call because this requires a live voltage test.


Are Replacements Necessary?

Washers and dryers tend to last between eleven and thirteen years. If you know that your appliances are nearing that age, then we recommend that you look into getting them replaced. We can help you with this, as well as installing your new ones.

No issue is too much for our team. We offer our services at an affordable rate and a high quality. We will also have it done in record time.

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